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About us

Who are we, what do we offer and more information about us to get to know our company. 

Services provider

All the products and services we offer to consumers but also business to business

More about our services

Events organiser

All the events that are organised, hosted or in any way connected to us or one of our artists can be found here.

Artist Management

Information about the great artist that we are managing and who are bookable through us.

About us

About us

In 2019 we started the company called Educated Foolz Entertainment, which was meant to be the name under which we would throw some events. Nevertheless, after throwing our first event, we acknowledged the need to offer a full-service event company with all the things, such as DJs, Equipment, advice etc. in order to make your nights the best. Our motto is Whatever you need, Whenever you need and we do our best to fulfil this by providing 24/7 service for any type of event. 

Love to see you'll soon!

The crew

The crew


Wahad Yousuf

Event Producer &

Artist management

A few years ago I started to delve into the event world. After working at various events such as IAmFamous and Geschikt! Festival, I moved on to the organization of Fresh Media Group. With whom I have been able to give many events in the cities around and near Amsterdam. Then I thought it was time to focus on my city, Amsterdam and I started doing that together with Mihai. We are now building further with the two of us.

Mihai dos Santos Kombrink

DJ & Event Producer


Mihai dos Santos Kombrink, better known as Pequeno, is a DJ, Producer, MC, and (Radio) Presenter of FunX, from Amsterdam. He is well known among the youth, is well known on the street, in Clubs and plays at many parties and Festivals. In addition to the Netherlands, he can also be found abroad in countries such as Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. Besides they also play music and art some beats for artists. In addition to playing, Mihai is also (Radio) Presenter at NPO FunX and presents the afternoon show “Your City”. In addition to spinning, Mihai is also an event producer in and around Amsterdam. Starting with his 18th Bday bash at the Escape, he has continued with many events in clubs like the NYX, AIR, Escape, Supperclub Cruise and Club Palm Lounge Zaandam, to great success.

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